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“When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough.                 -President Donald Trump

The Baron Samedi Temple of Spiritual Attack appeals to practitioners of Hoodoo, Voodoo, Obeah, Palo Mayombe, Santeria, and Ifa who are fighting the OCCULT RACE WAR CONSPIRACY in the New Jim Crow Era of the Alt Rights. We are a real secret society of multi-dimensional shape shifters (loup garou, i.e., African Kongo vampires and werewolves) inspired by the type of Change that sparked the Haitian Revolution and the Dismal Swamp Race Wars led by Papa Legba. Our revolutionary message as avatars of the Baron expands on the ideas of both Donald Trump and Alex Jones from Infowars, with the intent to spiritually protect and empower people of color being targeted by white American terrorists just as hateful and destructive as ISIS. The primary purpose of the Baron Samedi Temple of Spiritual Attack is to open your eyes to the Truth, while at the same time providing an easy and very effective way for you to combat institutionalized racism and bigotry in the New Jim Crow Era.                          
Don’t take anything we say for granted! Things are not as they appear on the surface. You have been placed under the evil spell of a rigged system empowering white supremacists. What you must realize is at this very crucial time in western history is that Illuminati mind control is being used by satanic pedophiles to start a bloody race war, and exploit all American people of color the same way poor Haitians were exploited by the Clinton Foundation after the earthquake and after Hurricane Mathew. A media engineered race war is very instrumental in the establishment of the “New Order” that President Obama assures us will be based on a “different set of principles”. A race war plays right into the nefarious agenda of the globalists and the prison planet of the New World Order (NWO). That corrupt liberals and satanic pedophiles are using the mainstream media to engineer a race war is obvious. NBC even promoted the race war scenario right after Donald Trump’s historic victory. Since the victory of President-elect Donald Trump, very hateful whites have committed 1000 hate crimes against innocent Blacks and Muslims. These hate crimes are orchestrated by the liberals and satanic pedophiles to program into your mind that Black lives don’t matter. The hateful white man who shoot and killed ex-NFL player Joe McKnight was released without catching even one charge. He has shown other very hateful whites that any non-white can be killed, and the law and rigged system will sanction the murder. We suspect that over the next four years thousands of Blacks, Muslims, Jews, and Mexicans will be killed by hateful whites in the name of the stand your ground law. Welcome to the New Jim Crow Era in which we shall demonstrate to the world that when Black lives don’t matter dead black lives do, and will not know rest until all hateful whites suffering in hell.                                                                        
Where there is a will there is always a way to make all your enemies pay without lifting a finger. There is only one way we will make it out of here as winner. Either we turn to the darkest side of the Force, and spiritually destroy all our enemies, or we all die like cowards and helpless slaves of the New World Order. In the New Jim Crow Era, our only chance to get justice in a rigged system is to pray at midnight to BARON SAMEDI, the voodoo god Haitian demonologists syncretize to DARTH VADER. Please do not take our words lightly! We are very serious about using the Baron to fight the OCCULT RACE WAR CONSPIRACY. Our only hope and salvation is to use BARON SAMEDI to send the infernal spirits of Blacks (i.e. thugs, drug dealers, gang bangers and serial killers) killed by the police to fight the OCCULT RACE WAR CONSPIRACY by punishing with pure hellfire all hateful whites.

“I have a very good relationship with black people.” -Donald Trump                                             
Voodooists from the Dead Black Lives Matter movement look forward to the Change that Donald Trump brings. We hope that Donald Trump will provide aid to Haiti, as well as bring to justice all whites in America committing hate crimes against innocent people of color. Either way we are confident that Trump will do what needs to be done to spark revolution. We support Donald Trump because we believe he has opened the door for the magical return in the New Aeon of darkest side of the Force, which enabled voodooists to win the Haitian Revolution by defeating the most powerful white supremacy army on earth. The very important role President-elect Donald Trump is playing in the OCCULT RACE WAR CONSPIRACY becomes very apparent when one realizes that in nearly all his controversial speeches he throws up the same Masonic sign. Trump’s favorite Masonic sign is the tripe six sign. British Illuminati agent Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Grant taught that the Beast 666 is a spiritual current that will eventually destroy the White Christian West, and pave the way for the magical rebirth of the African Hero archetype called Heru or Horus. Also, the very intimate relationship that exists between Freemasonry, the occult, black magick and Haitian Voodoo has been noted by numerous writers. It must also be noted that Donald Trump is working for the shadow government established by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1933. Masonic voodoo priests realize that Donald Trump represents a renegade faction within Freemasonry that has the full support of the shadow government.                                     
Voodooists with very intimate ties to the Masonic Lodge are fully aware that the magical formula called I.A.O. is the basis of Donald Trump’s secret society. Donald Trump’s ultra-exclusive fraternity revolutionizes things by turning I.A.O. into O.A.I. Some conspiracy theorists maintain that President-elect Donald Trump applies the mysteries of I.A.O. and O.A.I. by praying at an elaborate Apollo shrine in his penthouse on the 66th floor. Apollo is the Greek equivalent of Horus. In cabbalistic spirituality, six is the number of the sun-god that ushers in the New Aeon. Trump’s penthouse is also modeled after the court of Louis XIV, the 17th century French monarch who became known as the “Sun King”.                                           
“What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.” -Donald Trump

The Baron Samedi Temple of Spiritual Attack celebrates Donald Trump’s historic victory over all satanic pedophiles connected to the PIZZAGATE SATANIC RITUALS and the MK-ULTRA ILLUMINATES OF THANATEROS. We celebrate in the cemetery at midnight by sending BARON SAMEDI and the infernal spirits of the dead to fight the OCCULT RACE WAR CONSPIRACY inspired by the Haitian Revolution and the Dismal Swamp Race Wars led by Papa Legba. We also celebrate Trump’s historic victory by providing basic membership in the Baron Samedi Temple of Spiritual Attack to all people of color who wish to get revenge in a rigged system designed to only protect hateful whites.                                                                  
Our divine mission as avatars of the Baron follows in the heroic footsteps of Watty Boukman, Papa Legba, Zumbi, Saint Jean Malo, Gullah Jack, Julia Brown, and all Mambi Freedom Fighters of Cuba with Haitian and Jamaican maroon roots. The Baron Samedi Temple of Spiritual Attack intends to have a very profound impact on all facets of American resistance culture by spiritually fighting above and below the laws of institutionalized racism. We are the Shadow People hateful whites cannot fight and win. We are the Grand Invisibles and the Grand Architects. We use the demons of red sect voodoo and Bizango to bend the New Jim Crow Era to our every whim and pleasure. Those who cross us will learn what we can do with REAL BLACK MAGICK and VOODOO SPELLS. Our invisible hand reaches from beyond the grave to spiritually punish. In the New Jim Crow Era, all hateful whites committing hate crimes will feel the wrath of the darkest side of the Force!

“It’s always good to be underestimated.” -Donald Trump                                            
There is no other Civil Rights group in America comparable to the Baron Samedi Temple of Spiritual Attack. We do not protest in the streets, nor do we beg for mercy in a rigged system designed to empower white supremacists. In fact, we know how to use REAL BLACK MAGICK and VOODOO SPELLS to pull strings in a way that is truly beyond the comprehension of modern science. If we are against you, there is nothing you can do about it but prepare to suffer and die. We will steal your soul while you sleep. We will mystically drink your blood. We are vampires and werewolves just like the Zobop and loup garou sects used to win the Haitian Revolution.                            
In the New Jim Crow Era, Black lives don’t matter, but dead black lives do! The Baron Samedi Temple of Spiritual Attack is the inspiration behind the Dead Black Lives Matter. In the New Jim Crow Era, the Dead Black Lives Matter is a very exclusive sect like EGUNGUN SECRET SOCIETY of Nigeria and Brazil. When we paint our faces like the Baron, we send to hateful whites the dark spiritual energy of Blacks killed by police. The infernal spirits of Blacks killed by police are used by members of the Baron Samedi Temple of Spiritual Attack to release into the atmosphere the most extreme spiritual attacks. Hateful whites have not seen this type of spiritual power since the time of the Haitian Revolution and the Dismal Swamp Race Wars led by Papa Legba. Our spiritual attacks with black candles and prayers to the Baron manifest in the lives of our hateful white targets as demonic spirit possessions, schizophrenia, depression, intense anxiety, heart attacks, strokes, overdoses, white on white violence, fatal surgeries and car accidents, suicide, and death. There is simply no white person anywhere in America preaching hate and violence who we cannot spiritually punish in a matter of hours with REAL BLACK MAGICK and VOODOO SPELLS from Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, and the Southern United States.                                                           

“Sometimes by losing the battle you find a new way to win the war.”                                -Donald Trump

When we send the most extreme spiritual attacks to hateful white people, we are doing exactly what our enraged Kongo ancestors did, when there was no other way to survive but to turn to the darkest side of the Force. Raul Canizares, a Cuban-American palero/santero from New York City, informs us in his little book on Palo that some Kongo ancestors exist only to get revenge on psychopathic whites for the hate crimes they continue to commit against innocent people of color. These enraged Kongo ancestors work through NDOKI MALO, which in the Haitian Palo Mayombe worldview is the darkest side of the Force. To summon NDOKI MALO SPIRITS, and get the patron saint of all rebel souls on your side, the revolutionary root worker must first tortured and kill a black cat in the cemetery under the full moon. After performing this cemetery ritual, the revolutionary root worker obtains the ability to shape shift, bi-locate, turn invisible to the law, and fight to the death the OCCULT RACE WAR CONSPIRACY. New York City-based Iyalocha Migene Gonzalez-Wippler writes: “Perhaps the most evil of all ngangas is the infernal ndoki, which is prepared by boiling a black cat alive, after torturing the animal for some time. After the cat has been boiled for a while, it is removed from the pot and buried for twenty-four hours.” Tata Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold adds: “Here you exhume the corpse and kill a black cat on it, this is the beginning of the pact. The cat will then be cut into pieces and buried at different locations in the cemetery and something taken from where the parts are buried…After another seven days, under the full moon, the body is again exhumed together with the cat and dog fetish. This time the skull and parts of the hands, feet and ribs are taken along with the luz bone (sacrum) and the nganga is put together on the foundation of a snake and thunderstone.”                                           
The type of JEWISH PALO MAYOMBE described by Frisvold is customarily referred to by black people in Cuba as OBEAH. British Illuminati agent Aleister Crowley predicted that OBEAH will be used in the New Aeon to fight an OCCULT RACE WAR CONSPIRACY against all hateful whites. Crowley’s prophetic text called Liber AL states: “Also the mantras and the spells; the obeah and the wanga; the work of the wand and the work of the sword; these he must learn and teach.” Some British occultists who follow Aleister Crowley’s apocalyptic teachings inform us that OBEAH is true magick of Illuminati. Kenneth Grant writes: “It has been noted that Crowley described the O.T.O. as the first of the great Orders on antiquity to accept the new Law…This was a way of saying that under his direction the Order had become the repository of the Mysteries originally celebrated ages ago in Sumer…This is the primal African tradition manifest in the rites and ceremonies of Voodoo and Obeah.”                                                                   
Obeah transforms the decayed head of an evil white man stolen from the cemetery at midnight on a full moon into a very powerful KONGO FETISH called KIYUMBA. Iyalocha Migene Gonzalez-Wippler writes: “…the mayombero insists on having a head in which the brain is still present, however decayed. He believes that the brain of the kiyumba can think and thus ‘act’ better. The choice of kiyumbas are those belonging to very violent persons, especially those of criminals and of the insane, for the purposes of the mayombero are generally to commit acts of death and destruction…the bodies of WHITE PERSONS are greatly favored….”                                 
The PALO KONGO FETISH noted by Gonzalez-Wippler is used by the most advanced members of the Baron Samedi Temple of Spiritual Attack to fight the OCCULT RACE WAR CONSPIRACY first elucidated on Infowars by Alex Jones, Donald Trump’s favorite conspiracy theorist. A PALO KONGO FEITSH containing the decayed head of an evil white man materializes the revolutionary spirit of KADIEMPEMBE, which in Haitian Palo Mayombe has a treaty (tratado) with BARON SAMEDI via ZARABANDA. Miguel Barnet states: “That was when they swore an oath that meant saying to the prenda, ‘I will do evil and do your bidding. That oath was spoken at twelve o’clock midnight, which is the Devil’s hour, and what the Congo swore became a contract with the Devil…In Mayombe, Kadiempembe, the Devil incarnate, the endoqui malo (bad endoqui) is the spirit of the dead and of murderers and suicides. He is also the spirit of sorcerers.”                                                             
“…torture works…” -Donald Trump

The Baron Samedi Temple of Spiritual Attack petitions both KADIEMPEMBE and BARON SAMEDI to obtain the spiritual power to destroy with PURE HELLFIRE all hateful whites. We are here to cast the most powerful REVENGE SPELLS and the most powerful DEATH SPELLS on all hateful whites suffering from mental illness and drug addictions. Once these hateful whites are fully under our spell, they will self-destruct, and everyone around them well also fall into the deepest pit of hell. We are getting revenge with REAL BLACK MAGICK and VOODOO SPELLS every day by making hateful whites suffer the worse type of bad luck anyone could ever imagine.                                                     
After you join the Resistance by becoming a member of the Baron Samedi Temple of Spiritual Attack by making a voodoo money sacrifice of $66.60, you will be able to fight the OCCULT RACE WAR CONSPIRACY. You will obtain the power by making a voodoo money offering of $66.60 to cast REVENGE SPELLS and DEATH SPELLS that summon the infernal spirits of Blacks killed by the police. Our infernal spirits are the demonic ghosts of thugs, gang bangers, serial killers (or zodiac killers). We also have the power to channel with PALO MAYOMBE the tormented souls of Mexican criminals from the Cartels, led by the ghost of the Cuban-Mexican voodoo priest and serial killer Aldolfo de Jesus Constanzo. Every time black candles are lit at 12 AM in the name of BARON SAMEDI, these infernal spirits enter the energy fields of hateful whites, and cause very violent demonic possessions, internal bleeding, brain tumors, strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure, depression, hallucinations, schizophrenia, overdoses, suicide, white on white violence, and fatal car accidents. Join the Resistance today by making a voodoo money sacrifice of $66.60! Life demands it! Dead Black Lives Matter! May the darkest side of the Force be with you in the OCCULT RACE WAR CONSPIRACY to destroy all hateful whites!

“Without passion you don’t have energy. Without energy you have nothing.” -Donald Trump                                                                                

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  1. Doktor Lucifer is the real deal. It's hard to find a real Obeah man because most people will do anything to take people's hard earned money. I needed a black magic spell to enhance the gifts I already had and Doktor Lucifer was the only person that was able to help me. It's very hard to find reliable people who doesn't get their knowledge from google searches. This guy was born for this stuff.