Sunday, August 6, 2017


The Moorish flag is the five-pointed star, which is the Star of Lucifer.  According to the legends, the five-pointed star on the Moorish flag was used by King Solomon to bind and command 72 Goetia demons.  In Othello’s Children in the New World, Dr. Jose Pimienta-Bey elucidates: “The flag of the present-day Morocco also provides a strange and intriguing connection between King Solomon of the ancient Israelites and the Moorish/Moroccan people. The Moroccan flag is a green five-pointed star upon a red background. Ottfried Neubecker, author of A Guide to Heraldry…specifically identifies the green five-pointed star as Solomon’s Seal.” Other writers inform us that this five-pointed star was used by the Moors of Spain in the type of magick that today is associated with Illuminati adepts who venerated Lucifer as the source of the purest illumination or gnosis. In Islam and the West, Anwar Chejne writes: “Solomon, who rode the clouds and ruled over Spirit, man, birds, beasts, and devils, had particular interest for the Moriscos, who had a great propensity for magic and superstitions.” Lucifer’s flag in your house facing east. Every day stand in front of the flag with a small red candle. Light the red candle, and hold it in your left hand. Place your right hand on your chest. This Masonic posture is how you stand before Lucifer. While assuming this Masonic posture say out loud: “I pledge my allegiance to Lucifer, the Son of the Morning and Prince of the Air.” After you say this prayer, ask Lucifer for whatever you want. 


  1. The star of lucifer, the moorish flag, hangs facing east in my house. Thank you Doktor Lucifer for your knowledge and help. Black magic spells that you have done for me over the years have made my life a lot easier. Obeah man of NY, you're the best there is.

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