Saturday, August 5, 2017


True spiritual power comes with a price and Doktor Lucifer Illuminati, the most powerful black magick spell caster in the world, has enough power to share with those who believe in him. Doktor Lucifer is a black magic practitioner who sold his soul to Satan himself through a blood contract, and is sharing his spiritual power with people who believe in Darkness and the power it holds over mortal souls in pursuit of money, power, and fame.
As a true obeah man and a voodoo master, Doktor Lucifer uses different methods to cast his spells. He offers a mix of real black magic spells; powerful Jamaican voodoo practices, Palo Mayombe, and Trinidadian Kabbalah to help those who believe in his powers achieve their dreams and desires. As a member of the real Satanic Illuminati movement, and the most powerful black magic spell caster and obeah man he is rated as #1 in 15 different countries, and is the most famous dark magic practitioner you can find in New York.
The abilities of Doktor Lucifer know no bounds as he believes in himself as you must too. Those who do not believe in the darkness, doubt his power, or reject the dark practices cannot reap from the benefits dark magic offers.

With a graveyard blood contract with Satan, specialized knowledge of different black magic practices, and your belief in the darkness Doktor Lucifer can conjure all your desires. His power is well-known and his believers stay true.
For real black magick spells that work call Doktor Lucifer at 347-756-1877.


  1. From Kingston, Jamaica. Only use Doktor Lucifer.

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